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Engaging and transforming lives together

Through the power of Christ's love

Oliver Gospel Thrift is a social enterprise of Oliver Gospel Mission, providing financial support and community awareness for the Mission, as well as job training and opportunities for graduates of our programs.

Oliver Gospel is actively helping those experiencing homelessness, poverty, or addiction transform their lives through physical, spiritual, and relational support, leading to bright futures. Oliver Gospel provides Christ-centered addiction recovery, transitional housing, and emergency services, always aiming for permanent housing and transformation through the power of Christ’s love.

In 2011, Oliver Gospel Thrift was opened to support the Mission. Every item donated and every purchase made at our store directly supports Oliver Gospel, providing funds for the organization and resources for the men and women we serve. A visit to Oliver Gospel Thrift leads to life-transformation for the people experiencing homelessness across our city.

Each graduate of the programming at Oliver Gospel receives a voucher to fill their new home with all the essential household items from our store. Your donations empower our residents to take the next step towards their bright future.


Planning a closet clean out?

We welcome your gently-used household items. Learn more about our donation guidelines and how your donations help people in need.

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